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    New England Patriots Thanksgiving Burger

    I grew up in the Northeast.  For a number of reasons, I associate New England with Thanksgiving.  So I tried to incorporate as many of those flavors as I could into my Patriots burger. For this burger, the patty is made of ground turkey, which I jass up with  several traditional Thanksgiving stuffing ingredients.

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    Carolina Panthers Pork Belly Burger

    The Panthers are inspiration for another BBQ burger, but this one focused on the pig - a stable of Carolina BBQ.  To work that most wonderful of animals in there, instead of using traditional bacon, I bought some pork belly, which I sliced thick and slowly braised until tender, juicy and so sooo yummy. Then I seared it off on the grill along with the beef patty burger.

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    New Orleans Saints Po’ Boy Burger

    Leave it to New Orleans to come up with the coolest name for the sub sandwich! My Saints inspired burger is just that – a sub sandwich - or a Po Boy. I seared off a beef patty that I cover with Cajun spice for an extra kick.

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    Dallas Cowboys Brisket Burger

    I love Texas BBQ Brisket, and I just knew that one of the Texas NFL teams was going to get the Brisket Burger.  The Cowboys drew the lucky card, so I drew my inspiration from the Cowboys.  This burger is made of ground horse meat.  

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    Green Bay Packers Beer & Brats Burger

    I don’t know a ton about Green Bay, but with just a bit of research, I found beer, brats, and cheddar cheese to be a common theme. For my Packers burger, I use all three. I simmer some brats in beer and onions, then sliced them thin to use as I normally would use bacon.

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    Broncos Mile High Denver Omelet Burger

    After toying with a few "mile high" ingredients for my Denver Bronco's burger, I found a way to work in the best of the Denver omelet ingredients...and yes, it is a damn tall burger.

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    Indianapolis Colts Fried Pork Burger

    I’d never heard of the fried pork tenderloin sandwich until I started doing research for my Colts inspired burger. Now technically, I guess this isn't a burger, as it's not ground meat, but I gave it try, found the fried pork sando to be absolutely awesome, and frankly didn’t change much. I'm hoping the Colts fans forgive my bit of cheating.
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    Pittsburgh Steelers Primanti Burger

    I'm sure just about every Pittsburgh native knows Primanti Brothers, the sandwich chain famous in Pittsburgh since 1933.  The chain is known as a sandwich shop where fries and cole slaw become part of the sandwich, instead of being served on the side.  

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    Chicago Bears “Chicago Dog” Burger

    It was actually pretty easy to come up with "DA BEARS" burger. The Chicago Dog, a hot dog garnished with just about everything but the kitchen sink, is already world famous...and it's pretty easy to make a hot dog shaped burger.

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    Jacksonville Jaguars Biscuits & Gravy Burger

    I credit my wife, who spent time in Jacksonville, for the Jaguars Biscuits and Gravy Burger.  Jacksonville is home to some great Southern cooking, which is exactly what I tried to create in this beef and sausage burger, served on a fresh baked buttermilk biscuit, with pan-cooked sausage gravy.  

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Ground Beef, some call it Hamburger meat, is one of the most common ingredients in the American kitchen, and epitomized but the most American of all foods...the Burger.  I cook with ground beef at least one a week in some form or fashion, and love the versitility of it.  Here are my favorite dishes featuring ground beef as the main ingredient.  Enjoy them!