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In this recipe video, I show you how to make a chicken pasta recipe, that’s kicked up with the flavors of chorizo sausage and peas. For the pasta, we’ll use Penne, which is pretty classic in these chicken and pasta combos because it's so easy to eat (not twirling of the spaghetti).Continue Reading...

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    Corn Chowder

    Is it a Chowder or a Soup?  What’s the difference?  Well, I certainly play pretty fast and lose with traditional rules, but for me chowders have cream.  Chowders have potatoes.  Chowders are chunky.  That’s about it.  I say put any ingredients in that you want, as long as they taste good to you.  For this recipe, I’m going to show you how to make a Corn Chowder that'll meet all the rules I’ve s

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    Stuffed Zucchini

    Lately I’ve been into stuffing vegetables.  Not sure where the inspiration came from, but it my be rooted in my increasingly climbing age.  I know I need to eat more veggies…and I also know that the more interestingly prepared the veggie…the more likely I am to consume said veggie.  Unfortunately for me,  too often even a nicely cooked carrot, green bean, or piece of broccoli doesn’t get my ful

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    Orzo with Summer Vegetables

    While pasta makes for great main courses, there are a ton of different and great soup, salad, and side dish applications.  In this recipe video, I’m going to show you how to make an Orzo Pasta with Summer Vegetables that certainly could be a main, but that I generally use for either a hot side dish, or a cold pasta salad.  Orzo is a small, rice shaped pasta, that is pe

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    Eggplant Parmesan

    Can “Parmesan” be used a verb?  As in, take this chicken and Parmesan it - the result is chicken parmesan.  It should be; because you cover just about anything in a good tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, and it’s going to taste great - it needs it's own verb..  In this recipe video, I show you how to make an easy Eggplant Parmesan that is absolutely delicious.  Eggplant is a perfect vegetable

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    Apple and Black Bean Salsa

    Quick salsas are a great way to “dress up” a dish with both flavor and very cool presentations.  They are so easy to make and there are almost no rules…so  you can make them out of whatever ingredients, for whatever occasion you like.  I love using apples in savory cooking, and in this recipe video for Apple and Black Bean Salsa, which is light, crunchy and flavorful.  The apple brings a really

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    Pumpkin Macaroni 'n Cheese

    I amazing me, that you can put just about any ingredient in Macaroni and Cheese and it makes a great dish (ok maybe mackerel wouldn’t be too good).   And while the traditional version is quite awesome, I love to “mix it up” with new ingredients.  I especially like it when I can match those new ingredients to a season or time of year.  That’s the case in this recipe video, where I show you how t

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    Spaghetti with Chicken and Fava Beans

    As I’ve said before, pasta recipes are among my favorites because there are so many options, with so many ingredients.  I love the rich heavy sauces, that simmer on the stove and perfume the entire house (if not neighborhood), and I also love the light quick dishes that take 20 minutes to make, but are still packed with flavor and bite.  In this recipe video, I show you one of those 20 minute p

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    How to Peel Fava Beans

    There are a whole lot of types of beans out there, but one of my favorites, has got to be the Fava Bean.  I really knew nothing about these until that Hannibal Lector movie a few years back, but once I tried them I was hooked.  They have a beautiful color, a fairly mild flavor, and a creamy firm texture, that I find really appealing, and so I’m always looking for ways to use them. 

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    Pea, Corn and Potato Succotash

    In my book, and admittedly my book make be wrong, a succotash can be made up of just about any vegetables, all mixed together.  That means that I can change up the ingredients as the seasons roll on, and that I can mix and match flavors and textures to get a composed dish greater than the sum of each of its parts.

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    Fettucini Alfredo with Chicken and Broccoli

    I’ve written of the magical, the wonderful, the fantastical fettucini Alfredo before.  There are many different versions available, and in this recipe video I’ve got another for you: Fettucini Alfredo with Chicken and Broccoli.  Like traditional fettucini Alfredo, this version very simple to make, and it has the added benefit working in a vegetable that’s

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