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    How to Clean Asparagus

    Asparagus is one of my favorite Spring vegetables.  I love the nice, clean, grassy taste, and it’s really versatile to cook with.  You can grill, steam, sauté it…asparagus also makes a great addition to pasta’s and salads. However, before you do any of that, you've got to get it cleaned and prepped.

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    How to Clean Kale

    Here is a short cooking video where I show you how to clean kale.  Kale, much like chard and collard greens, are large leafy vegetables, which are more hearty, and much bigger than spinach leaves.  I think they have a great texture and flavor, and make a great side or vegetable for pork and chicken dishes.  Typically, you don't want to serve kale raw, as it's quite a hearty green, a

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    Creamed Spinach

    There’s nothing quite like creamed spinach to recreate that steak house experience. Many people get intimidated by the thought of making their own creamed spinach, but really there’s only like 4 ingredients; So how hard could it be. In this recipe video, I show you how to make my version of a basic creamed spinach.

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    How to Clean Brussel Sprouts

    It took me a long time to learn to like Brussel sprouts.  Memories of over-cooked, limp spouts linger in my head.  But they don’t have to be that way.  Cooked right, Brussels sprouts make a great addition to so many meals.  I love to pan roast them so they get nice and caramelized.

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    Roasted Brussel Sprouts

    For many of you, I know that brussel sprouts is a tough sell.  And I know that for an equal number of you, nothing I can say will make you ever voluntarily eat another brussel sprout.  I used to be one of you.  However, several years ago, I had the pleasure of tasting some deep fried brussel spouts at a local restaurant.  And I do mean pleasure, because frankly they were damn tasty.

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    How to Mince Garlic

    I use garlic pretty frequently, and chances are you do to.  And given how much we use garlic, it pays to get good at prepping it…breaking up the blubs, removing the skin, and mincing it. In this cooking video, I show you my technique for mincing a garlic clove. 

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    How to Roast Garlic

    Most of us recognize that garlic is great in all shapes and forms.  Today I want to give you another shape/form - Roasted Garlic.  Garlic that has been roasted off in a low (under 300 degree) oven for about 45 minutes changes its taste and texture dramatically.

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    Ratatouille is one of my favorite vegetarian dishes, and while it takes a bit of time to prepare it’s well worth it.  The combination of vegetables and the rich tomato, garlic and herb flavors is complex and wonderful.  This version will take you right to Southern France, and goes great as a side dish, or even on its own with a bit of rice or pasta.

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    Potato Leek Soup

    I love to make a rich hearty potato leek soup on cold winter days. It’s a simple soup to make and its richness gives it a very homey and lovely feeling.  Of course, you don’t need to restrict yourself to winter, or even to having the soup hot.  A chilled potato leek soup is the classic French dish vichyssoise, and is a great alternative to try.

    Here’s my version of potato leek soup.

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    How to Separate Garlic Cloves

    How to Separate Garlic Cloves

    Garlic bulbs are tough little guys.  The ones you want to buy (the freshest) are tightly packed together, with good strong skins.  The only problem is once you get the bulb home, pulling off a few cloves put’s breaking a finger at risk, or grabbing a knife to cut into the whole thing and risk wasting some cloves.

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