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    How to Separate an Egg

    Separating an egg is a simple, yet fairly important culinary skill.  While those who bake and cook a lot of desserts probably know the method cold, some of my fellow savory chefs, overlook the need to separate egg yolk from egg white.  Aside from making egg white omelets, there are a number of applications, you may need to separate an egg for.  There are several different ways I’ve seen people

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    How to Cook Asparagus

    One of my favorite vegetables is Asparagus.  In the Spring time, when it’s fresh, and local, I can’t get enough of it, and I cook it in some way, shape, or form at least twice a week.  Not only is the taste great, but it goes well with all kinds of dishes; from the heaviest red meat, to the most delicate fish.  And asparagus is also really good for you.  But How to Cook Asparagus?  There are a

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    How to Chop Parsley

    Parsley is maybe the most ubiquitous of herbs, and I use it all the time…despite my memories of the curly, leathery version tucked into the corners of the buffets of my childhood.  Today, I know to leave the curly stuff in the grocery store and reach for flat leaf, or Italian parsley.  The flavor is actually fairly mild, but it brings that grassy quality of herbs that can be a great addition to

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    How to Dice a Mango

    The mango (the fruit, not the SNL character) is one of my favorite fruits.  The flesh itself is a beautiful color, the texture is soft but not mushy, and the ripe ones are sweet and delicious.  However, like avocados, they can be a bit tough to cut.  In this cooking video, I want to show you some knif

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    How to Pit an Olive

    Nobody (except maybe your dentist) wants to see you bite into an olive pit.  Those little guys, despite be very small and harmless looking, are hard and rocks, and it could really ruin someone’s day to bite unexpectedly into a pit; So, is this quick cooking video I show you my technique for removing an olive pit. Granted, you can find olives that are already pitted…and if you like them, and can find them…by all means use them.  But, if you come across some that need pitting, you can follow these simple steps.

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    How to Blanch Asparagus

    I blanch asparagus, just about anytime I’m cooking for a dinner party, and many times when it’s just my wife and I.  Blanching the asparagus, allows you to cook it most of the way well in advance, which is a huge time saver when I need it and n this cooking technique video, I show you how to do it..  You can get the asparagus 90% cooked in the afternoon, and then just finish it off right before

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    How to Clean Asparagus

    Asparagus is one of my favorite Spring vegetables.  I love the nice, clean, grassy taste, and it’s really versatile to cook with.  You can grill, steam, sauté it…asparagus also makes a great addition to pasta’s and salads. However, before you do any of that, you've got to get it cleaned and prepped.

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    How to Make Pappardelle Pasta

    I can’t be certain, but I don’t think I’ve ever bought, or even seen pappardelle pasta in the grocery store.  It might be in your’s, but I have a tough time finding it.  Fortunately, I love homemade pastas, and I love to make pappardelle.  In this recipe video, I show you how to cut this pasta shape, which is a very broad, long noodle.  Pappardelle, is pretty common is restaurants, and goes gre

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    How to Make Fettucini Pasta

    I’ll admit that making your own pasta is a bit time consuming.  But, I’ll also contend that homemade pasta is one of the best things you can make at home.  While it does take some time, it’s not super hard, and there is a high level of satisfaction you’ll get from making your own.  And it’s sooo tasty.  In this recipe video, I show you how to make a homemade fettucini pasta – one of

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    How to Make Pizza Dough

    A few years back I started making my own pizza and quickly found the worst part was making and rolling out the pasta dough.  The solution, buy the dough!!  Today. there is not shortage of places to buy a good quality pizza dough.  And while it  is available is most grocery stores, I’ve started just going to my local pizza shop and asking to buy the raw dough.

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