Good cooks, have good prep skills.  In this video, I show you how to dice a pepper.  Knowing the right techniques will help move quicker and save time when cooking meals.  And in addition to moving a bit faster, with the right knife skills, you’ll actually be a lot safer as well.  I'm using a red bell pepper here, but the same techniques of course apply to the other colors or bell pepper, and frankly to other types of pepper as their struture (a hollow pod) are all pretty darn similar.  Hope you find this useful, and with a bit of practice can mow through a bunch of peppers in no time at all.

How to Dice A Pepper

  • First you should understand the structure of a pepper – just about any pepper
  • Generally they are mostly hollow, with a ¼ inch layer of “flesh” on the outside and a center stem, on which the seed grow
  • You can start by cutting the pepper in half, and remove the seeds, or you can cut off the sides, leaving the core to get tossed in the garbage
  • Either way, you want to get rid of the center stem and seeds
  • Once cleaned, out, take a piece of the pepper, and lay it skin down on a cutting board; it’s much easier to slice with the skin down
  • Slice the pepper into strips
  • If you want to just have strips, you’re done
  • To dice, turn the strips 90 degrees and cut through them again – probably a few at a time
  • You can vary the size of the dice by the width of the cuts you make
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