So…things have been a bit busy, and I haven’t gotten to posting my progress recently…it’s been a three week gap for those counting…but rest assured, I continue to walk.  In fact, the walking itself has gotten quite a bit easier and I’m now regularly doing days with more than 20K steps.  I was elated with my progress, really happy, and proud that was consistently breaking that 20K barrier.  Until of course, inspired my love of the Fitbit, my wife buys and straps on her own, and does over 25K steps on her first day.  Thanks a lot honey!  But overall, I’m feeling very good about my chances for getting back to Maryland by the end of the year…of course I have yet to factor in any vacations, or other trips that could really hurt my average; because you know I’m sitting on my ass on vacation.

At the end of week six, I find myself just short of Fallon, NV on Route 50.  I’ve heard of Fallen, but haven’t ever been there.  A quick read through Fallen’s Wikipedia page shows that it’s now the home of the Navy’s Top Gun School which brings to mind two points.  Why does the Navy, put training facilities in the middle of a desert?  And why did Tom Cruise lie and say he was going to Miramar?????

So…for the number counters out there:

  • I’ve been walking for 42 days
  • I’ve walked a total of 301 miles, for a average of 7.1 miles per day
  • That average is behind the pace I need of about 8.5, but the last couple weeks I’ve been doing more
  • I’ve taken about 667K steps
  • By the scale I’ve only lost a couple pounds, but my belts are a notch tighter

More to come next week!