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Culinary Schools In California


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Culinary Schools in Los Angeles California

LA has always marched to its own drumbeat. For whatever reason, Michelin starred restaurants no longer exist in LA as Michelin stopped raking them in 2009. Maybe that’s for the better, because what LA has always offered is an amalgam of ethnic diversity, fresh produce (California agriculture feeds most of the US), innovative food and experiences, and even a strong food truck segment. Add to that a stellar catering segment and private chef opportunities and you understand why getting work here can help launch a successful long-term career.

Culinary Schools in California

San Francisco and Los Angeles anchor the Golden State’s food scene but the state as a whole has numerous foodie spots popping up all the time. No mater what type of food, ethnicity, technologically advanced form of cooking or, how vegan something is, it’s all in California. The state boasts an assorted collection of restaurants, restaurateurs and cooking trends, from plant-based foods to molecular gastronomy to hot dog stands, and burger joints and has something for every foodie.