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Culinary Schools


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Culinary Schools in Toledo Ohio

Toledo, known locally as T-Town, has been known for its quirky culinary delicacies: the best hot dogs around, salt-rising bread, and homemade noodles not to mention chili. But it’s not all pub food.

Culinary Schools in Cincinnati

Cincinnati's local food scene is influenced by its cultural history; meaning pork is ubiquitous, as are schnitzels and Germanic dishes. Cincinnati also has become known as the "Chili Capital of America," thanks, in part, to the fact that it has more chili restaurants per capita than any other city in the nation. But Cincinnati also has its share of high-end and elegant restaurants. But what most people don’t know about Cincinnati is its legacy of fine dining. In the 1970s it was home to three Mobil Travel Guide five-star restaurants.

Cleveland Ohio Culinary Schools

Cleveland is perhaps the strongest contender for culinary arts capital of Ohio. Several foods are truly unique to Cleveland: beef cheek pierogies, served with a side of crème fraiche; The Polish boy - an Eastern European-inspired sausage topped with fries and hot sauce; and pork chops. The national food press like Gourmet magazine, Food & Wine, Esquire and have all heaped praise on Cleveland for best new restaurant, best steakhouse, best farm-to-table programs, and best new neighborhood eateries.

Culinary Schools in Columbus Ohio

Columbus is Ohio's state capital, its largest city with 850,000 people, and home to Ohio State University, one of the largest public universities in the country. Columbus also can brag about a diverse economy - several Fortune 500 corporations are headquarters here, including Nationwide Mutual Insurance and JP Morgan Chase. The culinary scene in Ohio has strong Irish and German influences like sauerkraut balls and clambakes. What’s often overlooked is corporate and catering in the region, which is thriving.

Culinary Schools in Ohio

Sure, culinary destinations like New York, Chicago and San Francisco get all the glory, but many of America's iconic foods reside in the Midwest. Ohio offers a diversity of cultural food influences and is, historically, a culinary melting pot, drawing influences from Germany, France and Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Some of Ohio's most notable foods are deceivingly humble: sauerkraut, potato and sausage dishes of the German settlers; baked beans and salt pork from the Revolutionary War times; cheese, canned fruit and jams from the regions Swiss and Amish heritage.

Culinary Schools in Sarasota Florida

Sarasota and its 55,000 inhabitants is best defined by its culture, ocean front climate and is increasingly being hailed as a center of culinary creativity and excellence. Locals and tourists enjoy fresh produce and plentiful seafood, and perhaps interestingly, within a 20-mile radius of downtown Sarasota, there are more Zagat top-scoring restaurants than any other place in the state. But this is still a small community and competition is tight. The median annual executive chef salary in Sarasota is a surprising $56,000, however line cooks can expect a much lower $21,000 annual salary.

Culinary Schools in Jacksonville Florida

While Jacksonville still has much to prove in the food world, it has a few key elements on its side: in addition to a passionate community and increasingly widespread attention, the city also boasts great local produce for ten months out of the year, as well as fresh oysters, shrimp and snapper and has the population density, about 900,000 people, to help support it.

Culinary Schools in Orlando Florida

Including Kissimmee and Sanford areas, sunny Orlando with its year-round perfect weather and abundant theme parks, just might be one of the happiest places on earth. And when it comes to food, Orlando delivers. Millions of tourists flock to Florida's coasts and cities every year, so it's no surprise that Orlando caters to a wide variety of tastes, from tapas to molecular gastronomy, the city has more to offer in terms of foodie culture than initially meets the eye. Vietnamese cuisine, Irish pubs, Spanish tapas and food trucks, it's all here.

Culinary Schools in Tampa-St Petersburg Florida

Tampa Bay is undergoing a gastronomic revolution. An area long known for basic franchise and fast food fare, Tampa Bay is now also garnering culinary investments, bringing in a new generation of establishments and a renewed focus on local and sustainable food production. Tampa's culinary scene is both traditional and evolved - there are strong roots of Spanish, German, Greek, Italian and Cuban flavors, refined by major trends like local sourcing and the farm-to-table movement.

Culinary Schools in Miami Florida

Miami is the undisputed leader in the culinary scene in all of Florida, and is home to numerous award-winning restaurants. Overall 15 restaurants have received recognition from Forbes Travel Guide's annual star award rankings, including 5- and 4-star recommendations, more than any other county in the state. With near perfect weather, diverse ethnic food options, and one of the best culinary destinations in Florida, Miami just may be the most attractive option for students considering a culinary education.