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Tortellini Alfredo with Asparagus

In this recipe video, I show you how to make Tortellini Alfredo with Asparagus. It's actually a very simple dish to make, as I use store bought tortellini (which obvioulsy takes no time to make) and both making the Alfredo sauce and the blanched asparagus only take a few minutes each.Continue Reading...

Herb Roasted Chicken

In this recipe video, I how you another of my favorite roast chicken recipes. For this roast chicken, I show you how to make an herb butter, that we'll then spread under the skin of the chicken. As it roasts, the flavors infuse in the meat, and the butter provides more moisture.Continue Reading...

Tuscan Roast Chicken

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a Tuscan Roast Chicken. It’s simple to do, the most complicated thing is perhaps butterflying the bird. That removes the backbone, opening up the chicken like a book, which cooks it faster, and helps get more beautifully browned skin.Continue Reading...

Recipes and Techniques

Tortellini with Mushroom Alfredo Sauce

The quality of store bough Tortellini these days, really allows everyone to cook like a star, with actually very little work.  Here I use some packaged cheese tortellini to make a simple Tortellini with Mushroom Alfredo Sauce that is tastes awesome and only takes about 30 minutes to cook.  The longest time is sautéing up the mushrooms, but it’s time well spent, as you end up with a sauce

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Chimichurri Sauce

I discovered Chimichurri sauce a few years ago, and it has become one of my favorite goto sauces or marinades for chicken, steak, pork and even fish - especially when grilled.  Chimichurri is a Latin American sauce, treated almost as a condiment, and on pretty much every restaurant table in Argentina.

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Butternut Squash Flatbread Pizza

A favorite of these Flatbread pizzas is the flexibility they provide to use just about any ingredients.  Here, I use some butternut squash and sage to create a Fall inspired flatbread pizza, but frankly, I’ll make it all year long.  The sweet butternut squash is sliced thin, and then roasted in oven until just tender.

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Soup - The Key to Winter Survival

In the deep depth of Winter, when the snow is deep, and the winds chilly, I find myself taking solace all too frequently in a warm bowl of soup. There are literally thousands of soup recipes, some complex, but many more, so simple they can made is just 30 or so minutes. And of course, so...
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My Walk Home - Week 6: Fallon, NV

So…things have been a bit busy, and I haven’t gotten to posting my progress recently…it’s been a three week gap for those counting…but rest assured, I continue to walk. In fact, the walking itself has gotten quite a bit easier and I’m now regularly doing days with more than 20K steps. I was...
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My Walk Home - Week 3: Stockton CA

I just made it through Stockton CA, and am cruising accross the central valley (a huge valley running north/south through much of CA). Pretty happy with my progress this week, as it's a full 10 miles more than last week. Stockon is going to be the last good sized town that I hit for quick...
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Broccoli Soup with Cheddar Croutons

Broccoli soup is not only a great tasting dish, but also one of my favorite ways to get move vegetable into my diet.  While I more than happy to have a couple broccoli florrets on the plate, I find them a bit boring.  But cooked in this soup, along with a few other ingredients, the broccoli takes on more complexity and flavor.

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My Walk Home - Week 2: Are You a Valley Hater?

I ended the second week of my cross country trek in Pleasanton, CA; the home of football legend John Madden, and the place named the "wealthiest mid-sized town in the USA" per the 2010 census…I'm sure in no small part to the presence of John Madden. My walk took me pretty much all...
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My Walk Home - Week 1: San Bruno CA

My official start date for my "Walk across the Country" was Thursday January 9th. That left only 3 days of walking for my first week...which is a bummer, but FitBit tracks Sunday - Saturday, and I'm not doing any extra math! So far so good, as right now, I've convinced myself...
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My Walk Home & Culinary Tour

I’m no marathon runner. I blew out my knee while skiing about 20 years ago. It’s full of screws and aches whenever there’s a storm front moving in, or I stand too close to the microwave. My back is really more a collection of knots, than actual muscle & sinew. Every morning, my body and my...
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