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Marinated & Grilled Skirt Steak

In this recipe video, I'm going to show you how to marinate and grill off one of my favorite cuts of beef - Skirt Steak. Skirt has traditionally been a cheaper cut of meat, but the price is coming up as people figure out how good it really is.Continue Reading...

Five Perfect Summer Recipes

There's something special about Summer. The air smells cleaner, the wine tastes better, and grass (really is) greener. Why not make sure you've got some great food to celebrate the great weather. Here are five of my favorite summer time dishes!

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Turkey Chili

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a simple, delicious Turkey Chili. Now, just like "regular" chili, there are about a thousand variations on turkey chili, and I'd urge you to experiment with the flavors and combo's that you find interesting.Continue Reading...

Chicken Breast Marinara

In this Recipe video, I show you how to make a version of chicken parmesan, that I call Chicken Marinara.Continue Reading...
In this recipe video, I show you one of the ways I "trick" my friends and family into thinking I spent hours working on dinner, when in fact, it's about 30 minutes of pretty easy work.Continue Reading...

Butternut Squash Flatbread Pizza

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a butternut squash flatbread pizza. These pizzas are so easy to make, and you can really get creative with them. This version takes classic fall flavors of butternut squash, sage, and goat cheese.Continue Reading...
In this recipe video, I show you how to make a quick and simple broccoli soup, served along with some freshly made cheddar croutons. Cheddar in broccoli is a match made in heaven, and you've probably seen recipes with the broccoli smothered in cheese.Continue Reading...

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Chicken Breasts with Morel Mushroom Sauce

Chicken breast recipes have become a staple in my house.  They are really easy to cook, and very versatile, going well with so many other ingredients.  For this recipe, I show you how to make a chicken breast with a morel mushroom sauce.  Morel’s are perhaps my favorite mushroom.  But they are wild, and can be hard to find.

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Spaghetti Pomodoro

Over the years, I’ve learned that Spaghetti is not Spaghetti, is not Spaghetti.  The rich, and wonderful tomato sauce that my mom made us growing up, is closest to a Bolognese sauce.  On the much lighter, faster, and easier to cook end of the spectrum is a Pomodoro sauce.  Pomodoro is meant to be a fast and easy tomato sauce with a relatively few, fresh ingredients.

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While conventional wisdom is that bigger is always better, I've found that is decidedly not the case when it comes to burgers.  A few years ago, after having some damn tasty sliders out at a local bar, I decided to give them a try at home.  And while, I do still make big, huge, manly half pound burgers occasionally, I've really gotten into these tiny little versions.

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Spinach Salad

Spinach Salad, may not sound like the most exciting recipe in the world.  But what if I add in words like bacon, bacon vinaigrette, apple, feta?  Becomes a bit more tantalizing doesn't it?  This spinach salad is one of my favorites for a starter course, or as a side salad for say a big summer BBQ.  It's easy to make, the favors work great together, and it looks beautiful.

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Saltimbocca, in Italian, means "jumps in the mouth", and after tasting this chicken saltimbocca you'll understand why.  Traditionally, the recipe is made with veal, but because chicken is easier to get and a bit healthier, I usually make it using boneless skinless chicken breasts.

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Tuscan Grilled T-Bone

T-Bone Steak, also called The Porterhouse, is my goto when whenever I’m feeling a bit indecisive.  I love a New York Strip, and I love Filet Mignon, but when I want both, I go to the T-bone, where one side of the “letter shaped” bone is the filet, and the other the strip; I get the best of both worlds.

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Cream of Asparagus Soup

When asparagus is in season, I can’t get enough of it.  And that includes making this yummy cream of asparagus soup.  While I’ll use asparagus as my vegetable for many a dinner, the soup itself is a perfect light dinner, maybe with a simple salad or crusty bread.  And it also freezes well, so that I can make large batches and pull it out throughout the year.

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Bacon and Green Onion Pizza

Bacon and onions just go together really well.  So why not on pizza?  Making pizza’s at home is always a hit with my family.  Partly because, everyone gets to choose their own toppings.  For this pizza, I when with a combination of freshly sautéed bacon and green onions, or scallions.

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Chicken Breast with Morel Mushrooms

Chicken breast recipes are a goto in my house because they are simple to make, yet the variety of disk that you can come up with is nearly endless.  Here, I show you how to make a seared chicken breast with a morel mushroom cream sauce.  Cooking the chicken itself, only takes about 8 minutes, and is the same technique I use for a ton of chicken recipes.

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Pork Tenderloin Marsala

A few years ago, I made a Pork Tenderloin Marsala for the first time, for the simple reason that I didn’t have any chicken handy.  And while Chicken Marsala may be more the common, the wine flavored mushroom sauce goes really well with a perfectly cooked piece of pork tenderloin.

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