I use garlic pretty frequently, and chances are you do to.  And given how much we use garlic, it pays to get good at prepping it…breaking up the blubs, removing the skin, and mincing it.

In this cooking video, I show you my technique for mincing a garlic clove.  Most people I know use one of those hand presses, but frankly I don’t love them.  First, I think it’s slower than my technique, but in addition to that, it’s another piece of equipment you have to clean.  And they are not all that easy to clean either. 

My technique for mincing garlic uses just your chef knife and a bit of salt.  Check out the video here.

To mince garlic

  • Peel a garlic clove and place it on your cutting board
  • Use a wide bladed knife (I prefer a chef knife) to crush the clove.  Place the knife flat over the clove and with your other hand, give it a whack to crush the clove
  • Coarsely chop through the garlic clove a few times with the knife, and then sprinkle it with about a teaspoon of salt
  • Then use your knife to grind the clove and salt against cutting board.  Holding the knife in your dominant hand, use your other hand to hold the tip against the cutting board, and the knife angled at about 30 degrees, nearly flat against the cutting board
  • Use a sweeping motion to grind the clove against the board repeatedly
  • The abrasive salt will grind up the garlic and get it beautifully minced.  The longer you grind, the more the garlic with turn to a paste, and you can vary the consistency depending on the recipe

With a bit of practice you can get to a point where you can mince multiple cloves in just about a minute – saving time and effort. 


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