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How to Make Baby Back Ribs the Easy Way

Ribs can seem like one of those foods beyond reach for a typical home chef. Turn on the Food Network, and you'll see shows & contests, featuring massive slabs of meat, stacked up into smokers the...

How to Grill Boneless Pork Chops

While I have to admit, I’m usually a sucker for a big, fat, bone-in pork chop, these little boneless guys are so easy to cook they often capture my attention. The thinness, and absence of a dense...

How to Roast Bell Peppers

I love the clean, crunchy taste of a fresh, raw bell pepper. But even more, I love the sweet flavor and supple texture when I roast them. Roasting a pepper removes just about all the bitterness, and...

How to Make Jambalaya

My first memories of Jambalaya are from when I was just 13. My parents took a trip to New Orleans and about a month later, I came home to a kitchen smelling of sausage and shrimp. I absolutely loved...

How to Cook a Cowboy Steak

I love a good steak. And since more is (nearly) always better, Cowboy steaks are near heaven. The cowboy steak is a bone-in ribeye steak. And the ribeye is often called the chef's steak - as it's...

How to Grill a Perfect Burger

While I'll use the grill just about anytime the temperature gets about 45 degrees, once Summer hits I'm full bore on outdoor cooking. And one of my family's (and my) favorites are grilled burgers...


Should I Try a Meal Kit Service?

Over the past several years, meal kit and meal delivery services have exploded in popularity. Whether you’re in an office or driving around the neighborhood, you’ll increasing see the cardboard boxes...

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Meal Kit Delivery Services: The Basics

It started thousands of years ago with the first Roman decided to call up his local pizza shop and have a pie delivered vs walking down the street to the restaurant. I sure he thought, “Image that, I...

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Are Meal Delivery Kits Healthy?

One of the biggest reasons I hear for people trying meal kit services like Blue Apron and Plated is that they want to eat healthier. That then begs the question….are they really healthier than...

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Soup - The Key to Winter Survival

In the deep depth of Winter, when the snow is deep, and the winds chilly, I find myself taking solace all too frequently in a warm bowl of soup. There are literally thousands of soup recipes, some...

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My Walk Home - Week 6: Fallon, NV

So…things have been a bit busy, and I haven’t gotten to posting my progress recently…it’s been a three week gap for those counting…but rest assured, I continue to walk. In fact, the walking itself...

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My Walk Home - Week 3: Stockton CA

I just made it through Stockton CA, and am cruising accross the central valley (a huge valley running north/south through much of CA). Pretty happy with my progress this week, as it's a full 10 miles...

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