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In this recipe video, I show you how to make a halibut, crusted with black sesame seeds, and served with a fresh mango salsa. I love to put halibut together with tropical fruits like mango, because they pair so well together.Continue Reading...

Recipes and Techniques

How to Grill Pork Chops

Even more than steaks, I love to cook pork chops out on the grill. Since pork is a fairly mild flavored meat, picking up the charred flavors of the grill, gives the chops another layer of complexity. As well as crispy, rendered out little bits of fat that just taste oh-so-good.

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How to Bake Pork Tenderloin

Dark golden brown, crusty & salty outside. Tender and juicy through and through. Maybe a velvety mushroom & red wine sauce, slathered over a perfectly cooked pork tenderloin. It’s a meal we all want to eat.  Sadly, the baked pork tenderloin we all usually get is gray in color. Has a limp, flappy texture. And is dry as a bone. Well say goodbye to crappy pork.

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How to Cook Boneless Pork Chops

I love a good pork chop. Unfortunately, often I’m not served a good pork chop. Because they are so lean, it’s very easy for them to get overcooked, dried out, and tough. Boneless pork chops in particular, are even harder to cook right, as they are typically thinner, and without the bone, they cook faster – meaning they overcook faster.

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How to Make Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon

While I’m a fan of wrapping just about anything in bacon (a shoe wrapped in bacon would probably taste great), bacon wrapped filet mignon is a particularly good match. Filet is cut from the beef tenderloin, which is a very tender cut of meat, but also very lean. In fact, it’s only slightly fattier than chicken.

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How to Cook a Whole Chicken

Everyone should know how to cook a whole chicken, for two reasons. First, and quite simply, it’s a great meal. You get the benefits of both light and dark meat. Done right, the chicken is more moist and tender than cooking pieces separately. And it’s super impressive to your guests, so you look like an all-star.

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How to Buy Filet Mignon

So….you’ve decided to cook up a juicy, tender, flavorful Filet Mignon. Obviously, the first thing you need to do make your way to your favorite purveyor of this most tender of steaks, and plunk down what is likely to be a fair amount of your hard-earned money.

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Best Sauces for Filet Mignon

A seared filet mignon is, without a doubt the most tender of the steaks. It’s cut from the beef tenderloin. A muscle that runs along the back of the cow, which does very little work (relative to the rest of the cow), and that is what makes it so tender.

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8 Simple, Delicious Must-Make Fall Recipes

The Fall is a great time for foodies…and in my opinion the season with the strongest “food profile”.  Sage & brown butter, caramelized apples, sage, cinnamon…and of course, Thanksgiving, the mother of all food holidays, make the season a great time to be cooking…and eating.

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Easy and Spooky Halloween Soup Recipes

Halloween is a gift to the creative chef.  There are a billion options for themed recipes…ghosts, ghouls, witches, pumpkins and the like, it’s amazing how creative people can get. 

Many of the options I’ve see are candy, cookies and other sweets…but I’ve got a couple very simple Halloween...

Fried Chicken Sandwich

The past several years has seen the explosion of the fried chicken sandwich.  It’s become a stable on fast food menu…restaurants like Chick-Fil-A built a whole business around it. And even fine dining restaurants are putting up some insanely creative fried chicken sandwiches with sauces and flavors from all over the world.

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