Potato Leek Gratin Recipe

Potato Gratin with Leek

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a twist on the of the great potato side dishes - A Potato Leek Gratin. Leeks, if you haven't used them have a very subtle onion flavor, especially when sauteed with a bit of butter, and are a natural combination with potatoes. In the video, I show...
Dave Beaulieu September 6th, 2011 Potatoes
Ravioli Bolognese Recipe

Ravioli Bolognese

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a classic Italian dish - Ravioli Bolognese. The bolognese sauce is a meat sauce that I use ground beef and ground pork in. Along with some tomato, vegetables, some cream, and of course a bit of red wine. It's a sauce that takes hours to make, but...
Mashed Potato Recipe

Mashed Potatoes

In this recipe video, I show you how to make the simple, traditional, yet fully excellent, mashed potato. There are all kinds of twists and turns you can take with mashed potatoes, but for all of those, you need to know how to make the classic. In the video, I show you how to boil off the...
Dave Beaulieu September 1st, 2011 Potatoes
Broccoli Soup Recipe

Broccoli Soup

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a simple and easy broccoli soup. The soup is great for a few reasons. I love vegetable applications like this, because I don't eat enough vegetables, and dishes like this, make it super easy to my share. But the soup is also easy to make with only...
Modern French Onion Soup

Modern French Onion Soup

In this recipe video, I show you how to do a modern take on the very classic French Onion Soup. French onion has probably been my favorite soup since I was a kid, and I still love it. However, there are time when all that gooey cheese and bread are just too much, and I looking for a lighter, more...
Dave Beaulieu August 24th, 2011 Onion
Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

Spaghetti Bolognese

In this recipe video, I make one of my favorite comfort foods, Spaghetti Bolognese (or Spaghetti with Meat Sauce). This Bolognese sauce is made with ground beef and pork, some tomatoes and other vegetables, and a bit of cream. It's pretty close what my Mom made as a kid, so it always brings...
Dave Beaulieu August 22nd, 2011 Pork
Cauliflower Mashed Potato Recipe

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

In this recipe video I show you a twist on the traditional mashed potatoes, by making Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes. Although I frequently try to slip more vegetables into my dishes so that I eat more, but rarely do I find the combo better than the original. Well some may argue with me that...
Bolognese Sauce Recipe

Bolognese Sauce

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a traditional Sauce Bolognese. This Italian classic is one of my favorites and while it does take some time to make (mostly inactive time simmering on the stove) it is actually really easy to make. I generally make a pretty large batch, have some that...
Green Beans Almondine Recipe

Green Beans Almondine

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a very traditional Green Beans Almondine. It's a classic dish, that (in my opinion) has never gone out of style. It is really simple to make, especially if you blanch the green beans, and then just finish them off for a few minutes right before...
Grilled Asparagus Recipe

Grilled Asparagus

In this recipe video I show you how to make grilled asparagus. One of my favorite Spring/Summer vegetables, Asparagus is super versatile, and always (when fresh) very tasty. By cooking it on the grill, you can get a bit of char and smoky flavor that adds some complexity and body to the vegetable -...
Chicken Brine Recipe

Chicken Brine

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a brine that I use for chicken. While it's good for any piece of chicken, I almost always use it for whole roasted chickens, and for pieces still on the bone. The result? I get a more flavorful and juicier chicken. This brine, uses the standard...
Asparagus Mushroom Mac 'n Cheese Recipe

Asparagus Mushroom Mac 'n Cheese

In this recipe video, I show you how to make an adult version of Man 'n Cheese. It's the addition of asparagus and mushrooms that make this mac 'n cheese, special. I also use penne pasta instead of the more traditional elbow macaroni. One of the great things about dishes like this...

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