Stuffed Eggplant

Stuffed Eggplant

In this recipe video, I show you to make a stuffed eggplant. Now, like just about every recipe on the site, this one affords you a wide variety of options, and I really want you to focus on the cooking techniques. I'm using baby eggplants for an appetizer portions, but you easily use large...
Dave Beaulieu October 19th, 2011 Nuts
Pastisio Recipe


In this recipe video, I make my childhood favorite – Greek Pastisio. While some native Greeks may kill me for saying so, I think of this dish as a Greek version of lasagna. It is essentially a casserole dish, layered with pasta, a meat sauce, and béchamel. And while those components do take some...
Greek Pizza

Greek Pizza

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a Greek Pizza. Homemade pizza's are fun to make, and give you the opportunity to be really creative. This pizza recipe, takes you to the Greek Isles. It combines my standard pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese with both feta and baby spinach. I...

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