How to Toast Almonds

Toast just about any nut, and you bring out the natural flavors and make the taste more intense.  In this cooking video, I show you how to toast almonds.  It’s a very simple technique, but sometimes the simplest things can add the touches that make a good dish, outstanding.  I won’t toast nuts every time I use them, but if I want to ensure a stronger flavor and a nice crunchy texture, this is the way to go.


  • Put a dry pan on the heat, and let it come up to about medium temperature
  • Drop the almonds into the pan.  Ideally they are in a single layer, but it’s ok if some are over lapping
  • Let the nuts heat for about 30 seconds, and then toss them in the pan
  • Unfortunately, nuts tend to go from toasted to burnt pretty quickly, so I don’t advise you to walk away from the pan; rather stay right there, paying attention
  • Continue to toss every 30 seconds or so. After about a minute you should start to hear a bit of crackling, and the skins will start to turn a darker color
  • Continue to toss the nuts in the pan; reducing the interval between tosses to 15 or so seconds
  • Once the nuts are heated through, and the skins slightly darkened, pour them out on a plate to allow them to cool off
  • After about 10 minutes they should be cooled down, have a more intense flavor and a crunchier texture
  • Note that while the nuts are still warm they will likely be a bit softer; that is also a great time to add any seasoning if you’d like

Hope you find this cooking technique useful…these are great in salads, as garnish, or just as snacks.  Enjoy!!

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January 2nd, 2021 - 3:21am
I, too, will stop here and throw a vote for a drink, and I intervened.

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