The 10 Best Holiday Movie Food Scenes

Food has a place in so many of the greatest movies of all time, but certainly, no more so in holiday movies.  Below are 10 of my favorite food scenes from 10 of my favorite movies.  Enjoy!

Groundhog Day - Year 1993

Wouldn’t we all want to stuff massive pieces of cake down our gullet, washed down with coffee straight from the pot?  Let alone be a god (not The God, a god)?  Check out the diner scene from Groundhog Day:

Christmas Story - Year 1983  

One of the greatest Christmas movies of all time, provides a couple great a few food scenes.  Ovaltine, the youngest son eating like a pig, the Clumpas’s dogs devouring the Turkey, but the most memorable, and meaningful, is the Chinese Christmas Dinner that closes the movie,

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Year 1966  

My all-time favorite Christmas movie has always been, the original animated version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.   And from that movie comes the story line of the Christmas Feast, complete with the Roast Beast.  Who can’t help but feel good, when the changed, nice, warm and kind Grinch returns the feast to the little Cindy Lu Who?

Christmas Vacation - Year 1989  

Holiday movies obviously are replete with food scenes, and Christmas Vacation has a very funny dinner scene complete with a desiccated Turkey; but my favorite food moment comes with the one liner from Cousin Eddy, when Clark sees his Christmas bonus, is a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club!

Trading Places - Year 1983

Often overlooked as a holiday movie, but let’s not forget Louis in his beat down, dirty Santa Suit.  One of my favorite scenes has the Duke brothers explaining commodity trading to Billy Ray, going through Orange Juice, Bread, Bacon…and Gold, which of course you don’t eat…..

Scrooged - Year 1988  

Slightly towards the dark side, this retelling of the classic story is a must see every Christmas.  I love the scene from Lumpy’s Christmas past, and the insights into Bill Murray currently state…include the lean, meaty gift from his dad.

Planes Trains & Automobiles - Year 1987  

Good lines abound in this Thanksgiving flick, and the back and forth between the two greats John Candy and Steve Martin is awesome.  One of the more heart warming, and funny scenes is from their shared hotel room bed, taking imaginary  trips around the world via the tiny bottles in the hotel  mini-bar…which of course yields the hand between two pillows line

Bad Santa - Year 2003  

A movie I didn’t have high hopes for, this holiday gem really over delivered.  It’s irreverent, funny, and at the right times tender.  Billy Bob Thorton feeling bad about chowing down the kids chocolate advent calendar, and then fixing it, is touching and funny.

Harry Met Sally - Year 1989  

The whole movie revolves around New Year Eve nights throughout the years.  Of course, the best New Year’s scene is the payoff for the movie, but perhaps the funniest part is the diner scene!

For Your Consideration - Year 2006

Not sure it would make anyone else’s list but I found Christopher Guest’s Hollywood satire hilarious.  The story revolves around the Jewish Holiday Purim (which the studio execs want to turn into Thanksgiving), and the Purim feast, complete with over the top acting.

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