20 October, 2013

Can your lunch help you avoid the common cold?

Nothing helps keep a body healthier than a strong immune system. In healthy people, this happens naturally through adequate nutrition and moderate exercise. However, different ingredients have different effects on immune systems, and some foods are known to be bigger immune system boosters than...

Author : Dave Beaulieu
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1 February, 2013

50 Best Food Scenes in Movies

I love movies, and I love food, and when the two come together, something magical happens. Food scenes from our favorite movies can make us feel at home, make us homesick, make us laugh, cry, cringe, and care. Below, I’ve complied and ranked my favorite food scenes ever put on film. Where available...

Author : Dave Beaulieu
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31 January, 2013

5 Valentines Day Recipes for Your Girl

I’ve never loved going to restaurants for Valentine’s day. They are generally over crowded, over priced, and the food quality seems to take a drive that day. Fortunately, I also found that with a bit of care and attention, making a homemade meal, can go a long way toward impressing your wife or...

Author : Dave Beaulieu
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Category : Seafood
12 December, 2012

Ten Gifts for a Home Cook

For the Chef in your life, a great food gift can be tricky. There are ton’s of options out there, but most of what I see are pre-made, packaged foods or gift baskets…which frankly as someone who loves to cook, are always a little disappointing. Rather than, a “finished” product, I get more excited...

Author : Dave Beaulieu
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7 November, 2012

Five Mashed Potato Recipe Twists

With Thanksgiving just about upon us, and Christmas & New Years right around the corner, those of us who are culinary inclined start planning out the holiday feasts. Growing up the celebration fair was pretty much the same every year, and there are several of those favorites I bring back in...

Author : Dave Beaulieu
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Category : Potatoes
21 October, 2012

The 10 Best Holiday Movie Food Scenes

Food has a place in so many of the greatest movies of all time, but certainly, no more so in holiday movies. Below are 10 of my favorite food scenes from 10 of my favorite movies. Enjoy! Groundhog Day - Year 1993 Wouldn’t we all want to stuff massive pieces of cake down our gullet, washed down with...

Author : Dave Beaulieu
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Category : Bread

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