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Dave Beaulieu October 21st, 2013

What do you learn in Culinary School?  The short answer is a lot.  The longer answer is some of what you learn is really boring, some very cool.  On the cool side, here's a list of the top ten most popular elective cooking workshops offered by le Cordon Bleu.  These classes are held on Saturdays at the organization's “Bleu Ribbon Kitchen,” situated in many convenient locations. These are Le Cordon Bleu's “Enthusiast Cooking Classes,” and are open to all, as space will allow.  Workshops are held in fully equipped commercial kitchens with top-of-the-line appliances.  So come on over (or go online) and bring that extra special something to the table.

The Art of Bread Making

There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh baked bread. In this class you'll learn to make various breads from around the world.

Valentine Chocolates

Create the perfect hand made gift for Valentines Day. Or just eat them all up before you get home!

A Taste of Greece

Learn to make various Greek-style recipes like Souvlaki, Gyros, and the perfect Greek Salad.

Mystery Basket

Like surprises?  You never know what you'll find here, but you can bet it will be tasty.

American Street Food

Learn how to make the kinds of foods you can eat while walking down the street.  Favorite foods on-the-go are waffle cakes, corn dogs, fish tacos and felafels, among others.  

Gluten Free Cooking

Learn how to make several very tasty gluten-free dishes.


Learn of the many types of barbecue sauces, and the ingredients needed to make them. Create your own original flavor!


Featuring the perfect New York style cheesecakes and chocolate cheesecakes, as well as many fresh fruit flavorings.

Vegetarian Cooking

Explore an endless variety of meatless culinary wonders so indescribably delicious that you'll never miss the meat.

Elegant Picnic Fare

How to pack a picnic basket, and what to put in there.  

Other fun favorite classes offered include Seasonal Cooking, Pizza from Scratch, Braising & Stewing, Grilling Secrets, The Art of Sandwich Making, Rice Around the World, Seafood Cookery, Sensational Sushi and many more, with new workshops being added all the time.  

Visit for a complete list of special workshops for culinary wizards and amateur chefs who just can't get enough of their craft!  Most workshops last about three hours (from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and cost about a hundred dollars.  Children's workshops are also available.  Sign up for one today!  

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