Culinary Schools In Texas

The current demand for culinary arts professionals is heating up in Texas where the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts credible growth for any number of food-related professionals through 2022 at a minimum. Though not always required, formal training in culinary schools in Texas can prepare graduates to succeed in an increasingly competitive field, especially in high-end restaurants, among others.

According to BLS statistics for 2015, Texas is one of 13 states that has the highest employment rates for chefs and head cooks with an average salary of $43,300, and Texas is number three after California and New York overall so it’s an enviable state considering its population of 27 million. The Dallas Metro area, Houston, San Antonio and Austin are the main drivers for the vibrant restaurant scene. In Texas, there are 26 accredited schools where culinary classes can help you find employment after graduation. The National Restaurant Association (NRA) suggests there were 42,523 eating and drinking locations in 2015 throughout the state, and that 12% of the state population is employed in food service, with just over 1.2 Million jobs, and looking at an increase by 2026 of nearly 18%.

At the top of the state’s culinary schools are a few of the country’s most recognizable like The Culinary Institute of America, Texas Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu, and The International Culinary Schools at Art Institutes, in Dallas, and Houston. However there are notable programs also found at universities, community colleges and technical schools. The range of food service industry degrees available in Texas is impressive. Dietetics and restaurant management are taught at the Bachelor’s Degree level, and many diplomas and certificates are awarded to professional cooks, kitchen workers, hospitality supervisors, baking and pastry arts, restaurant management, hospitality management, bartending and mixology, and sommelier training. Available degrees include Culinary Certificate, Associates Degree in Culinary, and Bachelors Degree in Culinary, among others.

The food culture of Texas is influenced by an amalgam of diverse food traditions, and a strong agricultural component. Texas leads the country in beef production, so there is a vibrant BBQ culture, but an equally strong commercial fishing industry. Quail farms are some of the best in the nation, and the Tex-Mex food category has become a popular fixture in American restaurants. This all good news for culinary students since Texas produces a lion’s share of U.S. produce, leaving creative culinary professionals with plenty of fresh food to plate. One look into the Texas food scene is enough to motivate any would-be chef.

List of Texas Culinary Schools:

Texas Woman's University

Denton TX

Laredo Community College

Laredo TX

Lamar Institute of Technology

Beaumont TX

South Texas College

McAllen TX

Tarrant County College District

Fort Worth TX

Austin Community College District

Austin TX

Texas State Technical College-Waco

Waco TX

Amarillo College

Amarillo TX

Collin County Community College District

McKinney TX

Houston Community College

Houston TX

Alvin Community College

Alvin TX

Texas State Technical College-Harlingen

Harlingen TX

El Paso Community College

El Paso TX

South Plains College

Levelland TX

Grayson College

Denison TX

Del Mar College

Corpus Christi TX

Galveston College

Galveston TX

Kilgore College

Kilgore TX

Lee College

Baytown TX

Vernon College

Vernon TX

Texas State Technical College-West Texas

Sweetwater TX

San Jacinto Community College

Pasadena TX

El Centro College

Dallas TX

St Philip's College

San Antonio TX

Texarkana College

Texarkana TX

Northeast Texas Community College

Mount Pleasant TX

Odessa College

Odessa TX

The Art Institute of Austin

Austin TX

Ranger College

Ranger TX

South University-The Art Institute of Dallas

Dallas TX

The Art Institute of Houston

Houston TX

The Art Institute of San Antonio

San Antonio TX

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Austin

Austin TX

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts-Austin

Austin TX

Culinary Institute Inc

Houston TX

Culinary Institute of America

San Antonio TX


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