Prep Time  25minutes
Cook Time  20minutes
Total Time  45minutes

New Orleans Saints Po’ Boy Burger

Leave it to New Orleans to come up with the coolest name for the sub sandwich! My Saints inspired burger is just that – a sub sandwich - or a Po Boy. I seared off a beef patty that I cover with Cajun spice for an extra kick. Once cooked, slip it into a good quality fresh French roll (the quality of the bread is critical), and top it with lettuce, pickles, onions, and tomatoes…of course, you can add just about anything you’d like. Of course you can top it with Ketchup, mustard and mayo, but my final add, is a bit of spicy Cajun mayo, which is super simple to make, and goes great with the burger. Enjoy New Orleans!

  • French submarine sandwich roll
  • 1/3 pound of Ground beef
  • Creole Seasoning (
  • Swiss cheese
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Onion
  • Pickle spear
  • Mustard
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper
  • Olive oil
  • 2 Tablespoons of Cajun mayo 
  • Mayonnaise (¼ cup)
  • Mustard (1 tsp)
  • Paprika (2 dashes)
  • Cayenne Pepper (pinch)
  • Garlic (1 clove, minced)
  • Worcestershire sauce (dash)
  • Hot sauce (dash)
  • Parsley (pinch)
  • Lemon juice (½ lemon)
  1. In a small bowl, mix the above ingredients listed under “Cajun Mayo.”
  2. Split a sub sandwich roll, and remove some of the bread in the center.
  3. Form a 1/2-inch-thick beef patty to the shape of the bun, but slightly bigger, since the meat will shrink while it cooks.
  4. Sprinkle the patty on both sides with Cajun spice.
  5. Place a well-oiled pan over a medium-high heat.
  6. Sear the burger for about 2 minutes on one side.
  7. Flip the burger over and cook for about 30 seconds.
  8. Add cheese to the burger and cover the pan for about 90 seconds more, so the cheese will melt.
  9. Kill the heat, and put the burger on a plate to rest.
  10. Spread Cajun Mayo on a roll.
  11. Place the burger on the mayo on the roll.
  12. Add Lettuce, Onions, Pickles, and Tomato.
  13. Place the top slice of bread and cut the sandwich in half.

Serve with a side of the Saints game on TV.  Garnish with smooth jazz music.

New Orleans Saints Po’ Boy Burger

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