Prep Time  15minutes
Cook Time  15minutes
Total Time  30minutes

Ravioli with Chicken and Sundried Tomato

With the right cooking techniques you can take simple, store bought ingredients and quickly turn them into something special.  Using prepackaged food is easy and can save you a lot of time.  In this recipe video, I do just that with some cheese ravioli, a left-over chicken breast and a jar of sundried tomatoes. 

I love to make things from scratch, but often I don’t have time.  But with just a few additional ingredients most of us have in the pantry, and a bit of experience, you can make great food fast.  This cheese ravioli with chicken and sundried tomato recipe should only take about 30 minutes to make from the time you unpack the ingredients to when you’re sitting at the table.  And it tastes great.

Recipe Overview and Keys to Success

  • Like all pasta dishes, don’t overcook the ravioli. With packaged pasta, you’ve got the benefit of the side of the box to tell you how long to cook it.  I suggest pulling the raviolis out of the water about a minute before the instructions tell you.
  • Watch the garlic and shallot as they soften, as you want to make sure they don’t burn; it’s best to keep the heat medium to medium–low while they sauté.  If needed add a bit of water to the pan to cool it down.
  • As I show you in the video, let everything cook together in the frying pan for a few minutes.  This allows the pasta to absorb some of the flavors.  Oh yeah, and don’t skimp on the olive oil, salt or pepper.

Ingredients Ravioli with Chicken and Sundried tomatoes (serves two)

  • Chicken breast – cooked and diced into bite size pieces
  • Ravioli – your favorite brand/kind; I’m using the standard size package
  • Shallot – diced
  • Garlic – minced
  • Scallions – two chopped
  • Sundried tomatoes – 3 – 4 tablespoons of your favorite brand
  • Olive oil
  • Parmesan cheese – two tablespoons
  • Lemon juice

Making the Recipe

  • Cut the chicken breast into bite sized pieces and set aside (best if it comes up to room temp)
  • Bring a pot of water to the boil, and salt the water for the ravioli
  • Heat a frying pan over medium heat, and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, the shallot, garlic and sundried tomatoes and sauté over low heat until soft
  • While the vegetables sauté cook the ravioli in the water, and cook until al dente (I would say a minute less than the suggested time)
  • Just before you remove the ravioli from the water, turn the heat under your frying pan to high
  • Once the ravioli is cooked, drain from the water and add them to the hot pan, along with the chicken and a couple more splashes of olive oil
  • Toss everything together for about a minute longer, season with salt and pepper
  • Add the chopped scallions and parmesan cheese, and a light squeeze of lemon juice, turn the heat off
  • Toss a few more times to combine and taste a ravioli to check the seasoning; adjust if needed
  • Serve with a bit more cheese grated on the top

Hope you enjoy this recipe.  Obviously you can add some other vegetables and herbs to make this ravioli recipe your own.  I sometimes like to add some white wine and cream for a creamy version, or some hot pepper flakes for a bit of bite.


Ravioli with Chicken and Sundried Tomato

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