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How to Chop Lemongrass

Dave Beaulieu February 27th, 2011 1 comment

As I've mentioned several times, developing great knife skills saves you a ton of time and effort in the kitchen.  Here’s a quick cooking video showing you how to chop lemongrass.  Lemongrass, as its name would suggest has a fragrant lemony sent to it, and can be a great addition to a lot of dishes.  I use it in a lot of my Asian cooking, as well as lot of soups.

Lemongrass can be fairly woody and tough so I generally like to cut if very finely, so that it blends into the dish and almost melts away.  Giving off it’s great flavor and aroma, but blending right into the food.

How to chop lemongrass:

  • Remove the outside one or two layers; these are generally the most tough, and are often marked up with blemishes
  • Remove the end (root end) and discard along with the outer layers
  • Use a knife to cut the lemongrass in half the long way, so that you have two pieces that each have a flat side
  • Place that flat side of the piece on the cutting board, and keeping the tip of your knife on the board, and the claw grip, chop along the length of lemongrass very finely
  • If needed, gather the chopped pieces together, and chop through them a few more times to get very small pieces


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January 2nd, 2021 - 3:12am
Use a knife-it is obvious that it is not locked-so that the two vertices of the U-shape are aligned

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