Prep Time  15minutes
Total Time  15mins

How to Chop Mushrooms

I use mushrooms all the time in so many different ways - both raw and cooked.  And frequently I use a lot of mushrooms.  They are bit oddly shaped, and can take a while to cut if you don't have the right technique.  And no one wants to spend more time than they have to on prep work.  Ideally, you get quick enough with your knife skills, and can send more time cooking and less time chopping.

Check out this quick cooking video showing my technique for chopping mushrooms and will a little bit of practice you’ll be mowing them through them in no time at all.

How To Chop Mushrooms

  • I like to remove the bottom of the stem which is frequently dirty and sometimes a bit woody
  • Slice the mushroom in half, from the top through the stem
  • Place the flat sides on the cutting board, and use your knife to create slices; if you want slices, stop here
  • Turn those slices 90 degrees and cut through them again to create dice


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