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How to Dice a Pear

I love to incorporate fruit into both sweet and savory dishes.  Not only does it get more healthy food on our plate, but fruit can add textures and flavors that really enhance savory food.  But you need to be able to slice, dice, cut and chop the fruit in certain ways to get the most of it, and having the knife skills to do so quickly will really help you out.  In this technique video, I show you how to dice a pear.

How to Dice a Pear

  • First, decide the size of your desired dice.  For some applications, I like very small dice, others I’ll go bigger.  That will determine the spacing for your cuts…but the technique is the same regardless
  • You should also figure out if want the skin off or on
  • Place the pear on your cutting board fat side down, stem side up
  • Slice off 1/3 of the pear, starting just to the side of the steam; you now have oval shaped piece with one flat side
  • Place the flat side on your cutting board
  • Note, if you want smaller dice, you may want to create two “planks” out of the pear; by cutting parallel to the cutting board
  • Using a “claw” grip make parallel cuts with your knife the long way down the pear making matchstick or French Fry shapes
  • Turn those matchsticks 90 degrees and make more parallel cuts to cut your dice

Once you do this a few times, you’ll get very good and can move through the pear very quickly.  To finish off the pear, just take another large section off and repeat the process.

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