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How to Make a Wet Rub

Dave Beaulieu December 5th, 2010

Using a rub is a technique to get flavor into a piece of meat.  Rubs are very common in bbq cooking, but that’s not the only place I use them.  Anytime I want to impart some flavor, and don’t have time to marinate for hours, I’ll use a rub like this – although letting the food marinate for hours in the fridge is great too.

Rubs are generally split into two categories, dry rubs, and wet rubs.  And shockingly the big difference between them is one uses liquids, the other does not.  Guess which one?

In this video I show you the technique for making a wet rub.  The choice of spices is up to you, and you can take in a number of different directions.  Here, I’ve made more of a Southwest/Mexican rub, but you can follow the same technique with any variation on the spices.

Additionally, I’ll sometimes make a wet rub in the food processor, and grind in some onion, garlic, herbs or other vegetables.

To make a wet rub

  • Combine your spices into a bowl and mix well
  • Add some oil and/or other flavoring liquids and mix into a paste
  • Smear the paste on the meat and/or combine everything together in the bowl or a zip lock back and coat evenly

You can let your rub marinate for several hours, or if you’re pressed for time, as little as 30 minutes.  I generally don’t put salt and pepper in my rubs, preferring to season at the last minute, just prior to cooking.


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