How to Slice Mushrooms

Slicing mushrooms, or any vegetable really, is no great miracle. It’s just slicing vegetables.  But I have seen some techniques that truly make me cringe.  Most important, using sloppy knife skills and a poor technique can be unsafe, but it can also be slow, and give you an inconsistent finished product, that makes creating a great dish more difficult.  In this video, I show you how to slice mushrooms quickly and safely with “the proper” knife skills.

How to Slice a Mushroom

  • Slicing just about anything is much simpler if that something has a flat side;
  • Unfortunately, mushrooms don’t have a flat side, so our first cut is going to be to create one
  • After removing the stem, slice the mushroom in half
  • Put the flat side of each half on the cutting board
  • You now have a stable base, and will be able to mow through the mushroom much faster
  • Decide how thick you’d like your slices, and then using the claw grip to guide each cut, slice through each half; repeat until you get all your mushrooms sliced

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