My Walk Home - Week 3: Stockton CA

I just made it through Stockton CA, and am cruising accross the central valley (a huge valley running north/south through much of CA).  Pretty happy with my progress this week, as it's a full 10 miles more than last week, and I'm pretty optimistic about ramping up my miles as the year goes on.  I'm not up to the pace I need yet, but i'm pretty confident I can get there.    Stockon is going to be the last good sized town that I hit for quick sometime, so naturally I'd stock up on supplies...that is if, of course I was actually there instead of sitting at my dinning room table with a glass of wine and a comfortable bed awaiting me in the not distance future. 

By the numbers, I'm pretty happy with the week:

  • i walked 58 miles
  • I crossed the 20K steps in a day barrier with a 25k step day
  • I've walked a total of 126 miles
  • That's a total of 284K steps

Stockton has several pretty interesting things listed on wikipedia, but perhaps the must culinary relevant is that fact that it hosts an annual asparagus festival.  And while not my favorite as a kid (yes Dad, I'm acknowledging that I didn't like asparagus), it's become one of my favorite veggies.  I've got a number of asparagus recipes on the site.  Here are two of my favorites;

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December 22nd, 2023 - 5:10pm
Your blog is one of a kind, i love the way you organize the topics.:’-”‘chicas scord
April 1st, 2024 - 11:00am

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