Valentines Day Heart Shaped Scallops

Valentines Day Heart Shaped Scallops

In this recipe video, I show you how to do a Heart Shaped Scallop dish that is great anytime you want to impress a loved one, but especially so on Valentines day. Over the years, I came to hate going out to dinner on Valentines day, as the food was typically overpriced and of mediocre quality, and...
Scallop and Zucchini Appetizer

Scallop and Zucchini Appetizer

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a very simple, very elegant scallop appetizer. Every time, I make this, my guests ask for the recipe, which I give them, but of course stress the importance of the technique. Searing the scallop is very simple, and can be used in a ton of recipes...

How to Sear a Scallop

One of my favorite foods to cook is scallops…which is great, because they are also one of my wife’s favorite foods to eat. The flavor is mild, fresh and clean (assuming you have good scallops) and they go really well with so many other foods, and different preparations. In this cooking video, I...

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