Prep Time  30minutes
Cook Time  20minutes
Total Time  50minutes

Grilled Pork Chop with Marsala Apples

Grilled Pork Chops.  Apples.  A match made in heaven that you’ll find much simpler to make than you might think.  While pork chops can be a bit tricky to cook, because the meat is so lean and can dry out, when cooked well, they are tender, juicy and delicious.  Here, I show you how to grill the pork chops which adds a nice char and smoky flavor that is another perfect contrast to the sweet apples that I sauté and serve with the pork.  Along with some simple veggies, this make a perfect Sunday super.  Hope you enjoy it!

Recipe Overview and Keys to Success

To make the best Grilled Pork Chops just make sure you do the following:

  1. Use thick cut pork chops.  They are less likely to dry out.
  2. If you have the time brine the pork chops for 4 – 8 hours before cooking. Brining will add flavor and moisture to the chops
  3. Use very high heat on the grill to get a nicely seared crust on the outside of the chops
  4. It’s easy to overcook the pork, which will dry it.  I like to use a meat thermometer to measure the pork, and bring it up to about 145 internal temp for a med-well pork chop
  5. Don’t overcook the apples.  I like them to get them caramelized on the outside, but not cooked so much they become soft or mushy
Ingredients (for 2)
  • Two thick cut pork chops
  • 2 apples (I like Fuji)
  • 1 tablespoon rosemary
  • 2 quarts brining liquid
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • ¼ cup marsala wine
  • ¼ cup chicken stock
  • 2 tablespoons apple juice (optional)
  • Salt and fresh ground black pepper
Grilled Pork Chop with Marsala Apples
  • Brine the pork chops for 4 – 10 hours
  • Remove from the brine and allow the chops to come up to room temperature
  • While the pork comes to room temp, peel the apples and cut into thumb size wedges
  • Heat a sauté pan over medium heat and add one tablespoon of butter, the peeled apple wedges and season with salt and pepper
  • Saute until the apples are browned on all sides; you can now turn off the heat and cook the chops
  • Dry, then season the pork chops with salt and pepper and coat with olive oil
  • Preheat your grill over high heat until the grates are very hot
  • Lay the pork chops down, and sear on that side for about 4 – 5 minutes without moving or flipping the pork chops
  • Turn them over and sear the other side for 4 – 5 minutes with the grill lid closed
  • Depending on the thickness of the pork chops and the heat of your grill, the pork chops may be done; you’re looking for an internal temp of about 140 – 145 degrees
  • If the pork chops need more time, move away from the direct heat and continue to cook with the grill lid closed
  • Once cooked set in a warm place while you finish the apples & sauce
  • Put the sautéed apples back over high heat and once at temperature add the marsala wine and rosemary, reduce by half
  • Add the chicken stock, again reduce by half
  • Stir in the other tablespoon of butter, taste and adjust the salt and pepper as needed
  • Serve up the pork chops and enjoy!
Wine Recommendation for Pork Chops with Marsala Wine

I’m a firm believe in the Pinot Noir and Pork combination – especially with grilled pork.  Pinot is on the lighter side of reds, and generally won’t overpower the pork.  The additional flavors of the marsala wine and apples with go very nicely with the natural berry flavors in the point.

Grilled Pork Chop with Marsala Apples

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