Prep Time  10minutes
Total Time  10mins

How to Chop Green Onions

While perhaps not the great controversy, I say we settle it here, Are Green Onions the same as Scallions?  The answer is YES.  Really on the difference is simply what they are called in different parts of the country.  So any time you see a recipe calling for green onions, just think scallions if that's what you're used to; and vice versa.

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But regardless of what you call them, you need to prep them before cooking, and in this quick cooking video, I'll show you how to chop a green onion…or is it a scallion?  

Green onions (scallions) have a mild onion flavor as well as a grassy herbaceous-ness, which is great for finishing dishes.  Green onions are really very useful and versatile as they can add a mild onion/garlic flavor when either of the real things would be too strong.  

The scallions has essentially three separate parts, the tops, which are green.  The bottom which is white.  And the bulb/beard which is the very very end of the green onion.  The white part of the green onion has the most flavor, and the green is great as a colorful garnish.  The one part you don't use is the very end of the beard, that frequently has a beard on it.    

How to Chop a Green Onion (aka Scallion)

  • First you need to think about what you’re using the green onion/scallion for
  • For raw preparations like garnish, I generally just use the green ends, and chop them very finely
  • But if I’m cooking them (and they only take a minute to cook) I use the whole green onion
  • Remove the root end (with the bearded piece) and discard
  • Bunch several of the green onions together;
  • Keeping the tip of your knife on the cutting board, and using the “claw” grip with your non-cutting hand, start chopping and moving the knife slightly over with each cut.
  • You can chop them as finely or coarsely you like; but I find pieces larger than a quarter inch can actually get stringy
  • Either stop at the start of the white or keep going depending on what you’re looking for

Green onions are great with soups, potatoes, and as a garnish with a ton of pasta dishes.


Comments (3 )

Cindy Bracamontes
April 20th, 2019 - 6:16pm
If a recipe does not specify only white or only green; am I to assume they mean the entire onion (white & green)?
럭키걸 Lucky girl
September 13th, 2020 - 10:16pm
럭키걸 Lucky girl
September 13th, 2020 - 10:16pm
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