Prep Time  15minutes
Total Time  15mins

How to Clean Celery Root

Have you ever seen a Celery Root?  If so, you’d probably know it.  You probably also ran away in fear; they are pretty hideous looking.  Softball sized, covered in dirt, and sitting there menacingly, right next to the rhubarb....celery root doesn’t look all that appealing.  But the reality is, once you get through that tough exterior, a ton of opportunity lies within – celery root puree is one of my favorites.  For those who don’t know, celery root is literally the root end of a celery plant.  The inside is white and very similar to a potato in texture, but obviously has a celery flavor – although more mild than the stalks itself.  In this cooking video, I show you how to you clean a celery root, quickly, safely and thoroughly.

How to Clean Celery Root

  • Forget about washing the dirt off the celery root – it’s worthless, we’re not going to use the skin
  • You can also forget about the standard potato peeler.  The skin is too thick, too dirty and too oddly shaped for the peeler, we’re going to use a knife.
  • Using a knife, remove the top (where the celery is coming out) and the bottom
  • With the flat bottom on the cutting board, use your knife to take off about a 1/4 inch of the peel, all around the root
  • You’re going to miss a bunch of spots and it’s still going to be very dirty – that’s ok
  • Once you have most of the peel off, trash the peel, and clean up the cutting board
  • Rinse the celery root under cold water to remove the excess dirt
  • Take a look around the celery root and cut away any remaining peel and/or dark spots, where the peel has folded into the root itself, until you’re left with just the all-white root

Rinse off the root one more time and you’re good to go!!

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