Prep Time  5minutes
Cook Time  15minutes
Total Time  20mins

How to Keep Your Guacamole Green

Dave Beaulieu December 6th, 2010

Getting things cooked ahead of time is one the keys to actually having fun at your dinner parties.  Whenever I have people over, I make sure I get a solid plan together, and get as much as possible done before anyone arrives.  Some things however, are easier than others. 

Guacamole, along with a few other common vegetables (like potatoes and artichokes) begin to turn brown fairly quickly once cut and exposed to the air. 



So, you’ve  got three options:

  • Serve brown guacamole
  • Make it at the last minute
  • Figure out a way to keep it green

I vote for the third option.

When I make a guacamole ahead of time, I cover it using plastic wrap, like a lot of people.  But the trick is in the wrap.  Instead of tight across the top of the bowl, I push the plastic down so that it’s in contact with the guacamole.  Check out this video which shows you how to do it.  This method, gets rid of all the air, and really slows down the browning process.  It won’t protect the color forever, but you’ll get a good few hours by wrapping it like this – and frankly every minute counts.


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