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Tarragon Butter Steak Sauce

A compound butter is one of the easiest steak sauces you'll ever find. Here we show you how to make a simple Tarragon Butter Steak Sauce,with fresh tarragon leaves. The flavor is similar to a bearnaise sauce, but it's much easier to make.Continue Reading...

How to Grill Steaks

In this video, I show you the techniques for grilling steaks. There are subtle variations depending on the specific cut of steak you're cooking, but the fundamentals remain the same. You want to make sure you season the steaks well, use very hight heat, and don't overcook the meat.Continue Reading...

How to Cook Filet Mignon in the Oven

In this technique video, I show you how to cook a filet mignon in the oven. While grilling it's great, filet is actually a great cut of steak to cook in the oven - although truth be told, it's actually started on the stove top and then moved to the oven.Continue Reading...


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    Grandmas Meatballs

    One of my most fond food memories is my Grandma Beaulieu’s meatballs.  All the kids love them, but my love bordered on worship.  She lived in Massachusetts, I in Maryland, and because that meant an 8 hour drive with 4 kids stuffed in the back seat, I didn’t get my favorite meatballs all that often.  And that probably made them even more special.  In this recipe video, I show you how to make my

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    How to Braise

    I’ve noticed over the past decade or so, that the traditional “cheap cuts” of meat have made a strong surge to prominence on many a fine dining menu.  While filet mignon and New York strip steaks still hold their positions, I see short ribs and ox tail just as often.  These cuts of meats are generally tough, can be fatty, and have never commanded the premium prices and attention of their more u

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    Meatloaf with Mushroom Sauce

    A good meatloaf epitomizes great comfort food, and warms my cockles (what are cockles anyway?)  Paired with maybe some mashed potatoes or mac ‘n cheese, some peas or green beans for our vegetable, I’m in heaven.  If the meatloaf is good.  If it’s not dry, and tasteless, or mushy and gross…both if which happen more than they should.  There’s no big tricks to making a good meatloaf, just a few co

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    Stuffed Eggplant

    While I never really liked Eggplant as a kid, I’ve really grown to like it over the years.  I still  think it’s a bit of weird vegetable…kind of like a cross between a squash and….a….sponge?  Which I know doesn’t sound appetizing, but they really are tasty.  In this recipe video, I show you one of my favorite applications, stuffed Eggplant.  I happen to be using baby eggplants that

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    Gnocchi Bolognese

    One of the nice (really very nice) things about a sauce like Bolognese, is that you can make a large batch and then freeze little containers with just enough for one night.  Then, without a ton of work, you can have spaghetti Bolognese, ravioli Bolognese, meat lasagna, eggplant parmesan…and you can also make gnocchi Bolognese, which is what I show you in this recipe video.  I love these little

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    Adobo Steak Tacos

    Tacos are good food.  In some form or another, I probably make tacos at least every couple weeks.  I love the fact that in addition to changing up the main ingredients (chicken, steak, fish, shrimp, etc) you can add new toppings, and of course, different spices.  In this recipe video, I show you how to make my version of an Adobo steak taco.  The adobo marinade is heav

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    Grilled Ribeye with Balsamic Portobello Mushrooms

    Ribeye is one of my favorite steaks, and Mushrooms are one of my favorite steak sides.  Why not combine the two?  In this recipe video, I show you to make a grilled ribeye steak, along with grilled balsamic portobello mushrooms.

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    Steak Frites

    The other day, a friend asked me for more “meat and potato” dishes…well, here you go.  In this recipe video, I make a classic French brasserie dish…Steak Frites; or in simpler terms, steak and fries.  It’s a wonder, simple combo, that is at once rustic and sophisticated.  It’s also not all that complicated to cook.  Cooking steak, while intimidating to some, is actually quite simpl

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    Braised Short Rib with Celery Root Puree

    Beef is tasty in all it various shapes, sizes and cuts, and frequently the cheapest/toughest cuts can be the most interesting.  That is certainly the case here.  In this video recipe, I show you how to make a braised short rib with celery root puree.  Short ribs are a tough cut of meat, that I never quickly sear and serve like I would other cuts of steak.    Instead, I braise them slowly at low

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    Meat Lasagna

    One of the great “family” meals of all time is Lasagna.  As a kid, I loved lasagna night, and being able to dig into that baked pile of tomato-y, cheesy, & pasta, along a tasty slice of garlic bread was great.  Lasagna is pretty easy to make, and in this recipe video I show you how to make one step by step.  Now when I say make one…I mean it, how to make one.  This is one v

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Beef and Steak are a favorite of mine.  Here, I've listed all of my favorite recipes and cooking techniques for the Red Meat Lover.