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Pork Fried Rice

In this Recipe Video, I show you how to make one of my all time favorite left over dishes - Pork Fried Rice. Fried Rice (of just about any time) is a perfect way to use up left over rice, as well as, all the bits and pieces of vegetables you've got hanging around.Continue Reading...
In this recipe video, I show you how to make a Grilled Pork Chop with sauteed Marsala apples. Pork and apple is a match made in heaven, and here the addition of the char/smoke from the grill only makes that combo better.Continue Reading...

Mini Meatballs

In this recipe video, I show you how to make Mini-Meatballs. These little guys make a perfect bite size snake for cocktail parties....or if you're cooking for kids, they tend to live these "kids" size portions for spaghetti and meatballs.Continue Reading...

Bacon and Green Onion Pizza

In this video recipe, I show you how to make a Bacon and Green Onion Pizza. I love making homemade pizza's as everyone in the family can choose their own toppings, and can get really very creative. Bacon and onions are a naturally great combo.Continue Reading...

Pork Tenderloin Marsala

In this Recipe Video, I show you how to make a pork tenderloin Marsala. Pork tenderloin, is one of my favorite cuts, as it's super healthy, tender and works with other flavors and sauces really well.Continue Reading...

Roasted Pork Loin

In this recipe video, I show you how to make how to make an herb roasted pork loin, which is one of my favorite “Sunday” roasts. For this version, I show you how to butterfly the pork loin, opening it up, and stuff it full of a delicious garlic and herb mixture.Continue Reading...

Italian Porchetta

In this recipe video, I show you how to make an Italian Porchetta. Traditionally it’s made with a whole roasted pig, but frankly, whole pigs are beyond my expertise.Continue Reading...

White Bolognese Sauce

In this recipe video, I show you a new spin on traditional Italian classic – a white Bolognese. Still a meat sauce for pasta, this bolognese uses beef and pork, but unlike the more standard version, which is tomato based, white Bolognese uses just a few tablespoons of tomato paste.Continue Reading...

How to Brine

Brining is an important technique for the home cooks looking to make the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey. Of course, the uses go well behind the November feast. I do roast chickens throughout the year, and whenever I have the time to brine, I take advantage.Continue Reading...


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    Pork Fried Rice

    Just about every time I get take out Chinese food, the next day, I’m making fried rice.  I’ve always got some leftover rice from the night before, and fried rice (at least how I make it) is so easy to make with whatever ingredients you have on hand.  This version is a Pork Fried rice, that I made with some leftover pork chop’s, and the veggies that I had available in the fridge.

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    Mini Meatballs

    Meatballs are for more than just spaghetti or sub sandwiches.  These delicious little morels can and should stand on their own.  Frequently now, I’ll serve a few meatballs, dusted with parmesan cheese and a bit of olive oil as an appetizer, or even a small main dish, maybe with a side salad.  This recipe for Mini-meatballs is perfect for parties, where you’ll looking for “tooth-pick” food.

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    Bacon and Green Onion Pizza

    Bacon and onions just go together really well.  So why not on pizza?  Making pizza’s at home is always a hit with my family.  Partly because, everyone gets to choose their own toppings.  For this pizza, I when with a combination of freshly sautéed bacon and green onions, or scallions.

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    White Bolognese Sauce

    To me, until recently, a Bolognese sauce has always meant a tomato and meat sauce.  So I was blown away when I saw Lidia Bastianich take a totally different spin on the recipe, creating a White Bolognese.  This sauce, still with meat, drops most of the tomato, adding a bit more cream and ricotta…which leaves it…well…white.

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    How to Brine

    Learning how to brine will benefit you not just for the Thanksgiving Turkey, but throughout the year.  And fortunately, it is so simple, that with a quick read, and a view my “How to Brine” video, you’ll have it mastered in no time.  With a good brine your recipe (whether it be pork, chicken or seafood) will turn out more tender, more juicy and more flavorful.  So...why not start brining?

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    If you are a lover (or maybe just a like-er) of beans, then I have the dish for you.  The recipe is cassoulet.  Some may not have heard that name before, so to put it in simple terms....“Insanely delicious bean stew, with incredibly good pieces of meat”…but I guess that doesn’t quite role off the tongue like Cassoulet.  The dish is classic French cooking a

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    Grandmas Meatballs

    One of my most fond food memories is my Grandma Beaulieu’s meatballs.  All the kids love them, but my love bordered on worship.  She lived in Massachusetts, I in Maryland, and because that meant an 8 hour drive with 4 kids stuffed in the back seat, I didn’t get my favorite meatballs all that often.  And that probably made them even more special.  In this recipe video, I show you how to make my

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    Meatloaf with Mushroom Sauce

    A good meatloaf epitomizes great comfort food, and warms my cockles (what are cockles anyway?)  Paired with maybe some mashed potatoes or mac ‘n cheese, some peas or green beans for our vegetable, I’m in heaven.  If the meatloaf is good.  If it’s not dry, and tasteless, or mushy and gross…both if which happen more than they should.  There’s no big tricks to making a good meatloaf, just a few co

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    Gnocchi Bolognese

    One of the nice (really very nice) things about a sauce like Bolognese, is that you can make a large batch and then freeze little containers with just enough for one night.  Then, without a ton of work, you can have spaghetti Bolognese, ravioli Bolognese, meat lasagna, eggplant parmesan…and you can also make gnocchi Bolognese, which is what I show you in this recipe video.  I love these little

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    Cuban Sandwich

    The sandwich maybe one of the most under-rated meals in existence.  There are endless combinations of flavors, ingredients, condiments, garnishes…and what else goes so naturally well with a tiny bag of potato chips.  The perfect sandwich has the right combination of flavors...and...the right balance of bread (good bread), meat, cheese, garnish and condimen

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Ah pork…one of the greatest gifts to the carnivore world, there is just so many great ways to prepare it.   Here is a collection of all of my pork recipes, as well as my posts on the best ways to cook pork.  Whether you’re looking for a lean piece of pork tenderloin, a giant pork chop, some smoky bacon, and super tender pulled pork shoulder, we’ve got you covered.  Below is my quick guide to how I like to cook the most common cuts of pork, but make sure to explore around, as I’m sure you’ll find something you love.

Pork Tenderloin

I love simple pan roasting the tenderloin and finishing it with a simple pan sauce.  It takes about 20 – 30 minute to do & is really easy.  But there’s a ton of options, explore pork tenderloin here.

Pork Chops

Make sure to buy them thick, and brine them over time.  Seared off in the pan & finished on the oven, or cooked the whole way on a hot grill is my favorite way to cook them.  Apples, and other fruit, go really well with pork chops. And you check out my pork chop recipes here.

Pork Shoulder aka Boston Butt

A tougher cut, but packed with flavor, I like to slow roast at low temp (250 degrees) for 10 – 15 hours.  Adding a rub (and brining) brings out more flavor, and the meat becomes so tender and flavorful. My pork shoulder recipes.

Pork Belly

Bacon is made from pork belly, so you know you’re working with great raw material (pun intended).  It’s a fatty cut, but packed with flavor.  I braise my pork belly for a few hours, and once tender, sear it quickly to get the outside crusty and flavorful.


Ham’s a pretty easy one, as I almost never buy a completely raw ham.  Instead I like pre-cooked, and reheat it by baking in the oven.