200,000 people live and eat in the Augusta region, yet it’s not yet considered a culinary hotspot - yet. Though typical Southern fare is served here, the food truck scene is growing, slowly but steadily. You have institutions like Hildebrandt’s, which opened in 1879 and newer places cashing in on the locavore movement. The BLS suggests that first line food supervisors in the restaurant industry in Augusta can earn an average wage nearing $26,000 and with a 7% increase through 2024. Head cooks and chefs can pocket nearly $42,000, with a 7% growth rate. After that the pay decreases dramatically though restaurant and line cooks can see an average of $23,000, expecting 6% growth through 2024. There are also three-dozen public and private golf courses here, providing opportunity for those new to the culinary field.

Culinary Schools in Augusta Georgia

Augusta Technical College

Augusta GA


Virginia College-Augusta

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Augusta Georgia