Prep Time  10minutes
Total Time  10mins

How to Get More Juice From Citrus Fruit

Have you ever cut open a lemon, or lime, ready to squeeze all that tangy, delicious juice out into a drink or into a marinade, and found just the most paltry trickle, slowly falling away despite your best kung fu death grip?  It’s disappointing I know.  Well, I’ve got a technique that’s going to help you out.  And while I can’t guarantee that from every orange you squeeze, the juice will flow like Niagara Falls, I do guarantee that you’ll get more juice per squeeze with this technique – and it’s so simple, you’ll make it part of the process every time.

To Get More Juice From Citrus Fruit:

  • Aside of having just bad fruit (which you can only solve by careful selection at the store), one the main issues that restricts the flow of juice is the internal fibers of the fruit being closely packed together, with strong cellular walls.
  • The technique I demonstrate in the video, helps to break up that internal structure, making it loose and breaking down the cells that hold all the juice in place
  • The result is more free flowing juice when cut into the fruit
  • Simply lay the fruit on your cutting board, and using a good amount of pressure, push down with your palm and roll the fruit back and forth
  • Make sure you get all the way around so the you break apart the whole fruit; and continue to roll it for a good 10 – 15 seconds
  • You should literally feel the fruit get a bit squishier
  • Slice it in halve, and then squeeze as you normally would, by hand, by juicer…or I guess you could even sit on it, but that would probably messy

Compare this technique next time you have a couple lemons, limes or oranges to squeeze and see if it doesn’t work better for you.  Hope that helps.

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