I would guess more than 50% of the dishes I cook call for onions, and many of those for diced onions.  Getting proficient at cutting an onion (along with other knife skills) is absolutely essentially, if you want to cut down (pun intended) on your prep work, and spend more time eating.  In this cooking video I show you a technique for dicing an onion that is far quicker than what you may be doing today.  With just a few cuts you can get the whole onion diced up – either coarsely or finely - in just a few minutes.

To Dice an Onion

  • Slice off about a quarter inch from the top and bottom of the onion & discard the pieces
  • Cut the onion in half with a cut from the top to the bottom
  • Peel off the outside layer of each onion half
  • Remove the route at the bottom of each onion half (the area where all the individual layers come together) with a V shaped cut
  • Lay the flat side of the onion on your cutting board, and make parallel slices in the onion lengthwise from the top to the bottom.  You want to cut through about 90% of the onion, leaving the end attached – see the recipe video
  • Turn the onion 90 degrees and make two horizontal cuts in the onion.  Again, go about 90% deep so that you now have vertical and horizontal cuts that are held together the end of the onion you have not cut through
  • Now, make a series of final cuts, that are perpendicular to your first cuts, that go through the onion and create individually separated onion dice
  • You can vary the size of your dice by making your cuts either closer or farther apart

It’s probably easiest to take a look at the video, as this method is easier shown that explained, but it really is pretty simple and will save you a ton of time, compared to some other techniques.


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