The most common reason to Julienne a potato is for French Fries, (for which I’ve got a really great French Fry recipe here).  Whether you bake, fry, sauté them…you still need to cut them.  And besides potatoes, knowing how to do the Julienne cut is a critical knife skill for any home cook.  The process is pretty simple, if you know the technique.  Too often people are either intimidated, or just plain inexperienced using a knife, and that can cause you to move slowly, or even worse, move unsafely.  Check out the video, and the steps below, and I hope you find this technique useful.

How to Julienne a Potato

  • One of the first principles to know is that it’s easier to cut potatoes (or anything really) once they have a flat side
  • Since they are round, our first cut makes a flat side; then we go from there
  • Decide how thick/thin you’d like your potatoes and each cut should be made at that same thickness
  • Hold the potato, and slice off one side, making a “plank”, down the long side of the potato
  • Rotate the potato so the flat side is now on the cutting board, and it’s more stable
  • Now continue to make planks moving along the potato until complete
  • Lay the planks flat on the cutting board, and slice through them, again with the same width cut
  • Once you’re through your planks, you’ve got your Julienned potatoes.
  • If needed, you can shorten the sticks by slicing them in half
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