Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken

Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a fettucini alfredo with chicken. Man…when I was a kid I thought these silky noodles, swimming in the white, luscious, creamy alfredo sauce was the absolute best. And I still love the dish. There are all kinds of different versions out there, and few...
Creamed Spinach Recipe

Creamed Spinach

In this recipe video, I show you a tasty and easy creamed spinach recipe. Creamed spinach is a “steak house” classic that many people seem to be intimidated by; but it’s so simple, I make it just about every time I cook steaks. There’s only 3 – 4 ingredients and everything’s in one pot. In the...
Peppercorn Sauce Recipe

Peppercorn Sauce

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a peppercorn sauce. Sauces, although I’m not sure why, tend to intimidate people, but really they should not. Especially, if it’s a pan sauce like this one. In the video, I show you how to make it step by step. And this process, where I deglaze the...
Potato Leek Soup Recipe

Potato Leek Soup

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a potato leek soup, also called vichyssoise when served chilled; but I usually prefer it hot. I love to make this hearty, creamy soup which it’s cold outside, and I’m looking for something warm and comforting. Generally making soups are pretty easy, and...
Mushroom Risotto Recipe

Mushroom Risotto

In this recipe video, I make a mushroom risotto recipe that probably ranks among my wife’s top 3 favorites. We both love the creamy consistency of the risotto, set up by the al dente rice. And in this risotto, the earthy mushrooms bring a delicious, distinctive flavor – and also create a perfect...

How to Make a Brown Butter Sauce

A brown butter sauce is one of those simple recipes that really needs to be in your repertoire. It’s really very simple, because there’s one key ingredient – butter. It’s really very versatile, because while there’s only one key ingredient, that will go well with hundreds of others. Finally, almost...
Making a Bechamel Sauce

Making a Bechamel Sauce

In this recipe video, I show you how to make a bechamel sauce. Bechamel is one of the five French “mother” sauces, and is a sauce that every cook should know. The sauce is a combination of a roux and milk (or cream). In the video, I show you how to make the roux, and then to slowly combine the...
Dave Beaulieu October 12th, 2010 Dairy
Sage Brown Butter Sauce

Sage Brown Butter Sauce

In this cooking video, I build on the basic technique for a brown butter sauce to make a sage brown butter sauce. Sage is one of the quintessential Autumn/Fall herbs, and makes a great match with other flavors of the season…pumpkin, squash, etc. In this video, after browning the butter, I add a...
Dave Beaulieu October 8th, 2010 Dairy

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