How to Peel Garlic

Said very simply, I cook with a lot of garlic. While I don’t put it in every dish I make (or think I have a heavy hand), garlic is pretty close to universal, and I probably go through a full bulb...

How to Mince Garlic

I use garlic pretty frequently, and chances are you do to. And given how much we use garlic, it pays to get good at prepping it…breaking up the blubs, removing the skin, and mincing it. In this cooking video, I show you my technique for mincing a garlic clove.

How to Roast a Red Pepper

Roasted red peppers are great as an ingredient in dishes and sauces, but also on their own. As part of anti-pasta plate, on a sandwich, or just a bit of cheese and cracker, they are very versatile...

How to Roast Garlic

Most of us recognize that garlic is great in all shapes and forms. Today I want to give you another shape/form - Roasted Garlic. Garlic that has been roasted off in a low (under 300 degree) oven for...

How to Chop Mushrooms

I use mushrooms all the time in so many different ways - both raw and cooked. And frequently I use a lot of mushrooms. They are bit oddly shaped, and can take a while to cut if you don't have the...

How to Make Roasted Tomatoes

Oven roasting is a great way to evaporate water and concentrate flavors. It can add depth and complexity to an otherwise simple ingredient, and vegetables offer great opportunities to experiment. In...

How to Deseed a Tomato

I use tomatoes in a lot of my cooking, and much of the time, I simply chop ‘em up and throw them in. However, there are times when my recipe works best without the tomato seeds. So I do a bit more...

How to Roll Out Pasta Dough

Once you have a pasta dough made, your next step is to roll it out into sheets, from which you can easily make long pastas, like spaghetti and linguini, or cut rounds for raviolis or other stuffed pastas.

How to Separate Garlic Cloves

How to Separate Garlic Cloves Garlic bulbs are tough little guys. The ones you want to buy (the freshest) are tightly packed together, with good strong skins. The only problem is once you get the...

How to Stabilize a Mixing Bowl

Here’s a short video showing a trick I use whenever I need to stabilize a mixing bowl. You may ask, what do I need to stabilize a mixing bowl? And that’s a legit question. The most common time I use this technique is when I’m making a vinaigrette – a process that really requires three hands.

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