Halloween is a gift to the creative chef.  There are a billion options for themed recipes…ghosts, ghouls, witches, pumpkins and the like, it’s amazing how creative people can get. 

Many of the options I’ve see are candy, cookies and other sweets…but I’ve got a couple very simple Halloween soups that will appeal to the savory food lovers; and that you’ll feel great about serving to your kids. Both, use a bit of sour cream at the end, as a garnish, to make a simple patterns on top of the soup. The first, is a “Jack-o-Lantern” soup, using butternut squash as the soup base, and….you guessed it….the sour cream to make a jack-o-lantern picture.

The other soup is my “spider-web” soup.  For it, I make a simple black bean soup, with just a few ingredients, and then again, use sour cream to make a spider web pattern in the bowl.  Both, are extremely simple, the soup bases can be frozen for more meals, and your kids are going to love them!  Enjoy