Kansas City BBQ is one of my favorite culinary styles.  And, in my opinion, it's the most versatile, with choices that include pork, beef, chicken, seafood, and pretty much everything else.  These meats are often slow smoked, and covered in traditional Kansas City BBQ sauce, which is made with ketchup, water, cider vinegar, brown sugar, molasses, and spices.  


  • Burger bun
  • 8 ounces of ground beef
  • Pulled pork 
  • 1 slice of American cheese 
  • 1 slice of Jack cheese 
  • BBQ sauce (your favorite brand will work fine)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil


  1. Form 2 thin beef patties.
  2. Add precooked pulled pork at the center of one of the patties.
  3. Add other patty on top of pulled pork, and seal the patty all around the edges.
  4. Season both sides with salt and pepper.
  5. Sear patty in hot oil over a medium-high heat, for 2 ½ – 3 minutes per side.
  6. Flip the burger and add one slice of each type of cheese.
  7. Cover the pan for 2-3 minutes until cheese melts. 
  8. Remove patty from pan and let rest.
  9. Spread BBQ sauce on both halves of the bun.
  10. Place burger on bottom half of bun.
  11. Add lettuce and sliced tomatoes.
  12. Top with more BBQ sauce.
  13. Place other half of bun, plate the burger, and cut it in half.

And so I pay tribute to the Kansas City BBQ style by stuffing a beef burger with pulled pork.  The pork gives the burger a juicy, flavorful twist.  What a nice surprise for your guests!

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